Gary Maxwell
Maryann Maxwell
Human Resources
Cassandra Maxwell-Mark
Human Resources
Justin Maxwell
Machining Specialist
Brandon Maxwell
Ali Maxwell
Tooling Procurement
Randy Davis
Machine Shop Supervisor
Kevin Zoellers
Weld Shop Supervisor
Ken Ralston
Ron Ammon
Machine Shop Foreman
Bev Manni
Office Manager
Bob Hawkins
Steve Frasier

About Us

Founded in 1980 by the present owner/president, Gary Maxwell, with a belief that “service is a valuable product”. Due to this original belief and with the help of a well-rounded group of fully dedicated employees, the company has continued to see growth.

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Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 7:00 am – 3:30 pm

Shop Hours

As Required
24 hr service when neccessary

Contact Info


11 Starck Drive, Burgettstown PA 15021
Phone 724-729-3160
Fax 724-729-3161