We Service, repair, and provide new equipment such as:

  • General Mill Equipment
  • Coil Cars & Car Part’s
  • Continuous Miners
  • Belt Wrapper Assemblie’s
  • Mill Chock & Chock Assemblie’s
  • Hook Block’s (New & Repair)
  • Sheave Nest Assemblie’s (New & Repair)
  • General Contract Machining & CNC Machining Services
  • Pinch Roll Assemblie’s
  • Crane Wheel Assemblie’s (New & Repair)
  • Entry And Exit Guides
  • Mandrel Manufacturing (New & Repair)
  • Shears (All Types)
  • Gears & Gearboxes (New & Repair)
  • Hot Mill Edger Assemblie’s
  • Computer Aided Drafting
  • Reverse Engineering Of Existing Equipment

We are a one stop shop for all manufacturing and industrial service needs.

About Us

Founded in 1980 by the present owner/president, Gary Maxwell, with a belief that “service is a valuable product”. Due to this original belief and with the help of a well-rounded group of fully dedicated employees, the company has continued to see growth.

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Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 7:00 am – 3:30 pm

Shop Hours

As Required
24 hr service when neccessary

Contact Info


11 Starck Drive, Burgettstown PA 15021
Phone 724-729-3160
Fax 724-729-3161